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By August 28, 2017Uncategorized

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  • C (22) says:

    I’m so upset that I’ve finished it because I don’t think I’ve ever related more to a book in my entire life. I’m a strong believer in things happening for a reason, and really feel like I was supposed to read this. I have struggled with dysthymia and anxiety since I was about 11 or 12, and still do. I have of course found ways of dealing with it on my own as I cannot stand talking to counsellors and mental health nurses. I’m a very self-aware person and felt like anything a doctor said or even anyone trying to support me (family and friends) were telling me things I already knew or that were obvious to me.

    Being able to read a perspective so similar to mine but being nearly completely explained in relation to the universe and science is the most heart-warming feeling. It is so nice to be opened to different views and perspectives on suicide and depression and the symptoms of it all. I’m strongly aware of myself and I’m aware of science but I have never ever put them together so thoroughly so now I feel like I have a lot of personal thinking to do!

    I sensed different writing styles and ‘experiences’ throughout it and it really made my heart hurt to know that other people have been so emotionally drained and know what it feels like to go through similar things to myself. It is such a beautiful documentation and I hope one day to see it just as well visually, through a film or documentary. I hope it opens people’s eyes to the reality that suicide is a planetary issue, and not just a problem that some individuals feel and deal with alone or are expected to deal with alone or in that specific time. This also extends to how we are destroying the natural world, inflicting death on things that are not human, like a forced-suicide.

    I am going to continue to share the book on social media, everybody needs to read it. I am empowered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This will stick with me forever and I’ll read it again and again.

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