The Suicide Fight is the first of a series of eight books, originally hand- written by the same author. Further titles, including illustrated works, are now building toward sponsorship for print. Book I is 100 pages, published in 2017 and accepted on to the shelves of national libraries of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. In 2018 it has sold in 12 countries, made its way into UK gyms and The Prison Service and is promoted via GP surgeries, schools and Third Sector organisations.

Whilst the book documents the journey of a central character, The Hermit, the content relates also to the human condition, in relation to its immediate social and broader universal environment. Response from readers suggests it is a highly supportive information, education, motivation and navigation tool and applicable to all genders and age groups.

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Intrigue. Acute self-study. Ambiguity. I feel The Hermit became so entrenched upon the battlefield of humanity’s woes, he somewhat became the fight. As revealed within the opening pages, acceptance journeys far.

D - Age 37

A very brave, naked book. I pictured a small bird of human beauty in flight throughout its pages.

M - Age 46

A study into eudaimonia, probing body-mind-universe questions great thinkers have wrestled with for millennia. It combines existentialist philosophy with science and the poetic.

C - Age 54

An informative and beautifully written book. The design is excellent. I found myself pausing across many of the pull-out quotes throughout. A real achievement.

K - Age 31

This book is greater than a tool-kit. It’s an entire workshop. The reader becomes delicately persuaded to undertake their own self-study, as principal investigator. The Hermit’s words become a prism in the mind, transforming everyday thoughts into colourful potential.

Z - Age 29

I am so upset that I've finished it because I haven't related to a book more in my entire life. I have struggled with dysthymia and anxiety since I was 12 and still do. Being able to read a perspective so similar to mine in relation to the Universe and science is the most heart-warming feeling. I have a lot of personal thinking to do!

C - Age 21

When this book arrived and I looked at the title and it’s appearance I thought: ‘Oh this is going to be a dark sad book’. But and as the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” this is definitely true in this case. This book is excellent, it’s honest, educational in so many ways, energising, colourful, it’s a hand on your shoulder book. It’s not about only about your fight it’s about survival in today’s world. It’s heals and not a band aid healing, more a wholesome ‘You’ve Got This’ healing.
It’s incredibly powerful and exceptionally written by “The Hermit”
I started this book at 2pm in the afternoon and had finished it all by 9pm that evening. I couldn’t put it down.

G - Age 44